Firefox Platform Installers

Firefox builds are available in Irish for Windows, Linux and Mac from the Firefox. See the All Systems and Languages page.

To install Firefox download it to your PC or Mac then click on the installer file and simply follow the installation instructions given (in Irish).

Your feedback on our translation work so far would be greatly appreciated. Some good things to look for include:

  1. do the strings in the installer look like reasonable translations that would be well understood?
  2. do the labels for the primary toolbar buttons look like reasonable translations?
  3. do the items on the menubar and the items in the menus look like reasonable translations?
  4. do the items in the preferences/options window, primary tabs, look reasonable?

Please post to the mailing list if you have any bug reports.

For questions or comments about gaeilge, please send a message to the gaeilge mailing list.
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